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Ampere Building at La Défense (SOGEPROM)

Category: Building

Location: Paris, France

Owned by the real estate company SOGEPROM, the Ampere Building is a 10-floor office building built in 1985 in the business district La Défense. It underwent a complete renovation and modification to became a sustainable construction.

The contribution of the project ELSA comprises an electrical storage out of a 22kWh Kangoo 2nd life batteries (DT3) and a 88kWh Kangoo 2nd life batterie. (DT5).

Additionally, the office building is equipped with

The so-called "Reservoir of Energy” is expected to lower energy costs and the environmental footprint, and to serve as a showcase of the transformation of an existing building into a sustainable one. ELSA’s storage solution is expected to satisfy the most stringent safety and security specifications in such a critical office environment.